Why Co-op

Glocal.coop (Glocal) is a worker cooperative forged from relationships developed during the height of Occupy and Occupy Sandy. Bringing together a diverse team of technologists and movement organizers, dedicated to creating a comprehensive yet decentralized communication network for the legions of organizations, collectives, and individuals actively engaged in building power with an eye toward reshaping our society into a more democratic, equitable, and sustainable one.

And because of that – we decided to form a worker-run co-op with the invaluable guidance of DAWN. We function much in the way any team does. We engage with each other daily, and have various working groups that meet weekly to move forward on our co-op’s coordination, research, development and administrative responsibilities.

This kind of internal structure means that you, as our partner, are working with people who are fully vested in the creativity, quality and reliability of our work. And within the co-op we as individuals have the opportunity to work together in a way that reflects the values we aspire to: equity, participation, horizontal leadership and accountability.

The most concrete way we could find to express our vision of what just economy can be was to start with ourselves. It’s not perfect, but all big things have small beginnings.